What do you call a person who fixes everything?

What do you call a person who fixes everything? - Fix It Cape Town

Being able to fix or repair items and solve various issues is a valuable skill that many individuals possess. However, there are different terms used to describe someone who excels in this area. From “fix-it person” to “handy person,” these terms refer to individuals who have the ability to troubleshoot problems and find practical solutions. In this article, we will explore and uncover the terminology used to describe these skilled individuals.

What is a Fix-It Person?

A fix-it person is someone who is skilled at identifying and repairing various items and issues. This term is commonly used to describe individuals who have a knack for solving problems in a practical and hands-on way. A fix-it person can be generally knowledgeable across a wide range of repairs or may specialize in specific areas such as electrical work, plumbing, or carpentry.

Defining a Handy Person

Similar to a fix-it person, a handy person is someone who possesses a range of skills and knowledge in order to tackle different repair projects. A handy person is versatile in their abilities and can handle a variety of issues that may arise. From DIY projects and basic repairs to more complex tasks, a handy person is often considered a Jack or Jill of all trades.

What is a Repair Specialist?

A repair specialist is someone who focuses on a specific trade or area of expertise. Unlike a fix-it person or a handy person, who can tackle a broad range of repairs, a repair specialist is highly skilled and knowledgeable in a particular field. Examples of repair specialists include plumber, electrician, mechanic, and carpenter. These individuals possess in-depth knowledge and experience in their respective trades, allowing them to provide specialized solutions.

The All-Purpose Problem Solver

Sometimes, a person may refer to someone who can fix or repair almost anything as an “all-purpose problem solver.” This term highlights the versatility and resourcefulness of the individual, indicating their ability to take on a wide range of repair challenges. An all-purpose problem solver is not limited to a specific trade but has a broad skill set that allows them to tackle various tasks.

The Mr./Ms. Fix-It

Another popular term used to describe someone with exceptional repair skills is “Mr. Fix-It” or “Ms. Fix-It.” This term implies expertise and reliability in solving problems. Mr. or Ms. Fix-It is often considered a go-to person when something needs fixing, regardless of the complexity of the issue. They have a reputation for being dependable and well-versed in various repair techniques.

What is a Jack/Jill of All Trades?

The term “Jack of all trades” or “Jill of all trades” refers to someone who possesses a diverse range of skills and knowledge. This person is competent in many different areas and can handle a broad spectrum of repairs and tasks. While they may not be an expert in any particular field, their versatility and adaptability make them valuable resources when things need fixing.

The Fixer

The term “fixer” is often used to describe someone who has the ability to find solutions to complex problems. Unlike a Mr. or Ms. Fix-It, who may focus more on hands-on repairs, a fixer is known for their resourcefulness and problem-solving skills. They have a knack for identifying the root cause of an issue and finding creative ways to address it.

Master of Repairs

The title of “Master of Repairs” is given to someone who has reached the pinnacle of their trade. It indicates a high level of expertise and knowledge in a specific field of repair. A master of repairs has undergone extensive training and possesses years of experience, making them highly sought after for complex and specialized projects.


Q: What are the essential qualities of a skilled fix-it person?

A: A skilled fix-it person should possess excellent problem-solving skills, critical thinking abilities, a good understanding of tools and materials, and the ability to adapt to different situations.

Q: How can one become a repair specialist in a specific field?

A: To become a repair specialist, one typically needs to undergo specialized training or apprenticeships in their chosen field and gain practical experience under the guidance of experienced professionals.

Q: Is it possible for someone to be both a fix-it person and a repair specialist?

A: Yes, it is possible for an individual to possess skills as both a fix-it person and a repair specialist. They may have a wider range of general repair knowledge but also specialize in a particular area.

Q: Are there any professional certifications available for repair specialists?

A: Yes, many professional certifications are available for repair specialists in various fields. These certifications help validate their skills and expertise, making them more desirable in the job market.


From fix-it person to handy person, there are various terms used to describe individuals who excel at fixing or repairing a wide range of items and issues. Each term captures different aspects and areas of expertise, whether it be versatility, specialization, resourcefulness, or expertise. Regardless of the term used, these skilled individuals play a vital role in ensuring that things are in working order and solving problems efficiently.

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