What do you call a female handyman?

What do you call a female handyman? - Fix It Cape Town

In today’s modern world, the stereotypes surrounding various professions are being challenged and broken down, and the field of handy work is no exception. Traditionally dominated by male professionals, the industry is seeing an emergence of talented and skilled women handymen who are taking up the tools and making their mark.

But what do we call these female handymen? What are the appropriate terms to refer to them? In this article, we will explore the different terms used to refer to female handymen and delve into the implications and perceptions associated with each. Let’s get started!


The term “handywoman” is a direct female equivalent to the commonly used term “handyman.” It explicitly acknowledges and highlights the gender of the professional while maintaining a similar connotation. By using this term, we acknowledge and celebrate the presence of women in the field while ensuring inclusivity in language.


To move further away from gender-specific terms, we have the term “handyperson.” This term emphasizes the skill and professionalism of the individual without bringing their gender into the conversation. It aims to neutralize the gender stereotypes associated with the profession and encourages equality and inclusivity.


While some may argue that the term “handygirl” is an empowering and playful designation for younger female handymen, it can also have the unintended consequence of undermining their expertise. Referring to a professional as a “girl” can imply a lack of experience or maturity, potentially diminishing their credibility in the eyes of clients or colleagues.

Femme Fatale Fixer

This term adds a touch of glamour and intrigue to the female handyman persona. “Femme Fatale Fixer” brings a sense of elegance, mystery, and versatility to the profession. However, it is important to note that this term may be seen as overly sexualized or objectifying, potentially hindering the recognition of a handywoman’s skills and professionalism.

Lady Contractor

The term “Lady Contractor” emphasizes the gender of the professional while maintaining a level of sophistication and professionalism. It addresses the gender of the handyman directly and can be seen as a respectful and empowering term. However, some may argue that the term still reinforces gender stereotypes by associating women only with the contractor role, rather than recognizing their expertise in all areas of handiwork.


Q: Why is it important to discuss the terms used to refer to female handymen?

A: Discussing the terminology used in any profession is vital to promote inclusivity, challenge stereotypes, and ensure equal recognition for all professionals, regardless of gender.

Q: Can a female handyman be called a handyman?

A: Yes, a female handyman can certainly be referred to as a “handyman” if they prefer the gender-neutral term. It is important to respect the individual’s choice of the term that aligns best with their identity.

Q: What other terms are commonly used in the industry?

A: Other terms you may come across include “handywoman,” “handyperson,” and “lady builder.” However, it is essential to communicate with each professional to understand their preferred term of address.


Language plays a significant role in shaping perceptions and stereotypes, and it is crucial that we use the appropriate terms when referring to professionals in any field, including female handymen. While terms like “handywoman” and “handyperson” aim for inclusivity and gender neutrality, more playful designations like “handygirl” and “femme fatale fixer” may inadvertently undermine their expertise. Ultimately, it is essential to respect individuals’ preferences and choices, using terms that empower and recognize their skills within the industry.

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