What are the best techniques for cleaning drains?

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Overall, plumbers say the best way to clean out clogged drains is by mechanical means (plunging and snaking) and some hot water. Stay away from chemical cleaners as they can damage your pipes and are hazardous to humans. Alternatively, you can use a gas or water-powered cleaner to blow out more stubborn drain clogs. These are available in the form of aerosol drain cleaners or water bladders that use pressurized water.


Put a wet/dry vacuum hose against the drain and turn it on. All the gunk and buildup will suck up into the vacuum. When the above techniques are impractical, or otherwise don’t work in your unique situation, you may want to try clearing your drains with homemade mixture solutions. Like commercial, chemical cleaners, these solutions can break down and dislodge any drain pipe buildup affecting your pipes; however, unlike commercial cleaners, these solutions do not come with the risk of pipe damage or deterioration after extended use.

Another option is to use a biological cleaner to strip away dirt, grime, and bacteria. They are effective at keeping your drains odor free and help to prevent the buildup of harmful bacteria and mold. Finally, turn on your tap to flush out your drains with warm water. Let this run for 30 seconds. If you need to remove drain clogs near the drain opening, you can simply use a barbed plastic cleaning tool. The Zip-It Bath and Sink Snare are both great for this task.

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