How to unblock a badly clogged toilet

fix a clogged toilet

We\’ve all been there before. You flush the toilet and nothing happens. Or, even worse, water starts to rise and threaten to overflow. It\’s a clogged toilet, and it\’s a problem that needs to be dealt with quickly.

In this blog post, we\’ll show you how to unblock a badly clogged toilet. We\’ll also give you some tips on how to prevent future clogs, and when it\’s time to call a professional.


The problem: a badly clogged toilet.

Why it happens

A toilet can become clogged for a number of reasons. The most common cause is when too much toilet paper is flushed down at once. This can happen if someone tries to flush a large amount of paper at once, or if several people use the toilet after each other and don\’t give the water a chance to clear out the bowl in between flushes. Other causes include flushing feminine hygiene products, diapers, or baby wipes; flushing non-toilet paper products like rags or cloths; or simply having an old or poorly-functioning toilet. Any of these can cause a blockage that will prevent water from draining properly from the bowl, leading to a clogged toilet.

The consequences of a clogged toilet

A clogged toilet can lead to some serious consequences if it is not dealt with promptly and correctly. For one thing, it can be very unsanitary, as the water in the bowl will start to back up and may even overflow onto the floor around the toilet. This can create an ideal environment for bacteria and other microbes to thrive, which can pose a health hazard. In addition, a clogged toilet can be very frustrating, especially if you have to share a bathroom with others who are also unable to use the toilet. Finally, if the problem is not fixed quickly, it could lead to more serious issues like burst pipes or sewage backup, which would be even more costly and difficult to deal with.

The solution: unblocking a toilet.

What you will need

In order to unblock a badly clogged toilet, you will need the following items:

-A plunger

-A bucket

-A pair of gloves

-An old rag

The step-by-step guide

1. Put on your gloves to avoid coming into contact with any bacteria that may be present.

2. Fill the bucket with hot water and place it next to the toilet.

3. Position the plunger over the hole at the bottom of the toilet bowl and make sure there is a tight seal.

4. Pump the plunger up and down vigorously for 30 seconds.

5. Remove the plunger and quickly pour the hot water from the bucket into the toilet bowl, being careful not to splash yourself in the process.

6. If the water level in the toilet bowl has lowered, repeat steps 3-5 until it is clear again. Otherwise, proceed to step 7.

7. Take the old rag and use it to wipe around the inside of the toilet bowl, removing any debris that may be present.

8. Flush the toilet to ensure that everything is working properly before using it again.

The takeaways.

How to prevent a clogged toilet

Clogged toilets are a huge inconvenience. They can cause sewage to back up into your home, and they\’re just plain icky. But there are some things you can do to prevent them.

First, don\’t flush anything down the toilet that doesn\’t belong there. This seems like common sense, but you\’d be surprised how many people think that the toilet is a garbage can. Only human waste and toilet paper should go down the drain.

Second, don\’t put too much toilet paper in the bowl at one time. When it comes to toilet paper, more is not better. A few sheets will do the trick; no need to use an entire roll!

Third, if you have small children in your home, invest in a toilet lid lock. These locks are inexpensive and will save you a lot of headache (literally) in the long run.

Fourth, get yourself a plunger and keep it handy. plungers are great for tackling small clogs before they have a chance to turn into big ones.

Finally, if you do find yourself with a clogged toilet, don\’t panic! Just follow the steps in Section 2 above and you\’ll be back in business in no time.

When to call a professional

There are some cases when a plunger just won\’t cut it and you\’ll need to call a professional. If the water in your toilet bowl is rising and won\’t go down no matter how much you plunge, it\’s time to call for backup.

If you\’ve tried everything and the toilet is still clogged, it\’s also time to give us a call. We\’ll be able to assess the situation and determine the best course of action. In some cases, we may need to use a power auger or hydro jetting to clear the blockage.

We understand that dealing with a clogged toilet is never fun. But with a little knowledge and preparation, you can minimize the chances of it happening in the first place. And if it does happen, you now know how to unblock it yourself!


If you\’re faced with a badly clogged toilet, don\’t despair. There are ways to unblock it yourself using simple household tools. However, if the problem persists, it\’s best to call a professional. In either case, taking some preventative measures can help avoid future clogs.

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