How do I market myself as a handyman?

How do I market myself as a handyman? - Fix It Cape Town

Are you a handyman looking to expand your client base and boost your business? In today’s competitive market, it’s crucial to have a strong marketing strategy in place to effectively promote your handyman services. With the right approach, you can increase your online presence, generate more leads, and build a reputation that brings in word-of-mouth referrals. In this article, we will explore valuable marketing strategies that can help you grow your handyman business successfully.

1. Establish Your Online Presence

In this digital age, having a strong online presence is essential for any business, including handyman services. Here are some key steps to establish and enhance your online presence:

  • Create a professional website: Invest in a well-designed, mobile-friendly website that showcases your services, testimonials, and contact information. Ensure that your website is easily navigable and provides a clear call-to-action for potential clients.

  • Utilize search engine optimization (SEO): Research relevant keywords that potential clients are likely to search for, and optimize your website content accordingly. This will help your website rank higher in search engine results, making it easier for clients to find you.

  • Leverage social media: Create business profiles on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Share engaging content related to your handyman services, including informative blog posts, before-and-after pictures of completed projects, and testimonials from satisfied clients.

  • Online directories: List your business on online directories such as Google My Business, Yelp, and Angie’s List. This will make it easier for potential clients to find you when they search for handyman services in their area.

  • Online reviews: Encourage your satisfied clients to leave positive reviews about your services on platforms such as Google, Yelp, and Facebook. Positive reviews can significantly impact your online reputation and attract more clients.

2. Leverage Local SEO

As a handyman, your target market is likely to be limited to a specific geographic area. To effectively reach potential clients in your locality, you need to focus on local search engine optimization (SEO). Here are some strategies to enhance your local SEO:

  • Include location-specific keywords in your website content, such as “handyman services in [your city or town].”

  • Create location-specific pages or blog posts that target your local area. For example, write a blog post titled “Top Handyman Services in [your city or town].”

  • Ensure that your business name, address, and phone number (NAP) are consistent across all online platforms. This will help search engines associate your business with your local area.

  • Obtain backlinks from locally relevant websites or businesses. This can improve your website’s authority and visibility in local search results.

  • Regularly update your Google My Business profile with accurate information, including your service area, working hours, and customer reviews. This will make it easier for potential clients to find and contact you.

3. Implement Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Word-of-mouth referrals can be a powerful tool for promoting your handyman services. Happy clients are more likely to recommend you to their friends, family, and colleagues. Here’s how you can encourage word-of-mouth referrals:

  • Provide exceptional customer service: Go above and beyond in delivering quality work and outstanding customer service. This will leave a lasting impression on your clients and encourage them to recommend you to others.

  • Ask for testimonials: After completing a project, ask your clients to write a testimonial about their experience with your services. These testimonials can be displayed on your website or shared on social media to build trust and credibility.

  • Establish partnerships: Connect with other local businesses that cater to homeowners, such as real estate agents, interior designers, or home improvement stores. Offer to refer your clients to them, and in return, ask them to refer their clients to you.

  • Offer referral incentives: Consider offering incentives, such as discounts or free additional services, to clients who refer new customers to you. This can motivate your existing clients to actively promote your services.


Q: How long does it take to see results from online marketing?\\
A: Online marketing is an ongoing process, and results may vary depending on various factors, including competition, target market, and the effectiveness of your strategies. It’s important to be patient and consistent with your efforts. Over time, a well-executed online marketing strategy can yield fruitful results.

Q: Can I handle online marketing on my own, or should I hire professionals?\\
A: It is possible to handle online marketing on your own, especially with the abundance of resources available. However, hiring professionals who specialize in digital marketing can save you time and effort, ensuring that your marketing campaigns are strategic and effective.

Q: How much should I invest in marketing my handyman services?\\
A: The amount you should invest in marketing depends on your budget and business goals. It’s important to allocate a reasonable portion of your earnings towards marketing activities to ensure consistent business growth. Consider starting with a smaller budget and gradually increase it as you see positive results.


Successfully promoting your handyman services requires a well-rounded marketing strategy that combines a strong online presence with the power of word-of-mouth referrals. By establishing your online presence, leveraging local SEO, and implementing strategies to encourage word-of-mouth referrals, you can effectively reach potential clients and grow your business. Remember, consistency, exceptional customer service, and continuously adapting your marketing approach are key to long-term success. Start implementing these marketing strategies today and watch your handyman business thrive.

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