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Ceiling Cleaning in Cape Town

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We offer a dependable, professional ceiling cleaning service that specializes in removing dust, bird, rat, and bat droppings, nests, dust mites, and old, deteriorated roof insulation materials from roofs. A completely clear roof space as a result.

Although we are not a pest control company, the service we provide is a preventative strategy to keep bugs out or, if they have already moved in, to get rid of their leftovers. We only get rid of their effects rather than harming any living things. Installing loose-fill insulation is usually encouraged when using our cleaning service because it is more bug and rodent resistant. You will benefit from the advantages of loose-fill fiber insulation and the risky pests are discouraged from returning.

Roof cleaning in cape town
Cleaning your ceiling and roof should be a regular task I order to maintain your roof and your health


We remove any outdated, unclean insulation and clean the roof space before installing your new roof insulation.



By waterproofing your roof and cleaning your gutters, Waterproofing guards your house from water damage. 

The health of your family depends on having clean ceilings.

Healthy living is crucial, yet when thinking about a clean and hygienic atmosphere, a clean roof area is sometimes disregarded. Many people are unaware of the quantity of roof rats, bats, birds, and other pests that pass through their roofs and leave their waste behind. These rodents frequently draw insects, silverfish, and cockroaches. Even when one ultimately gets rid of these bugs from one’s home, their waste is left behind.

In addition to the usual accumulation of dust, dirt, and pollen in your roof, blanket or roll-type insulations tempt rats to stay in your roof and build nests within the blankets. These infestations frequently get so bad that you can smell animal pee when you open the trapdoor.When things get this bad, bacteria and viruses have the ideal conditions to thrive. Negative for your health

Insulation for the ceiling of your roof

Professional & affordable Cape Town roof cleaning

Roof cleaning is the procedure used to get debris, moss, and algae off of roofs. A roof’s ability to function can be prolonged with proper cleaning. On shady portions of roofs, algae and other types of build-up frequently develop, which can shorten a roof’s lifespan. The quantity of sunlight received by a roof and consequently the amount of heat a building absorbs can be impacted by the presence of soot, dirt, or biomass.

Cleaning can be done using different cleaning products, a vinegar or bleach solution, or professional cleaning services. The addition of zinc strips close to the peak of the roof may stop algae and moss from growing back.

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